Animation…. logical

Animation is (as I found out the hard way)  full of logic.

For example, I spent 1 hour trying to get an animation right of G-man getting up from a ‘sit on the ground’ position. The animation file was that it sat in sit position and then it would get up while saying something. And it just didn’t work… So I spent 15 minutes thinking about WTH I was doing wrong. And then it struck me, what if the NPC needs to sit down first to get up? (logical, isn’t it?) And yes… it worked!! With a few animation tests I did before I started to animate the real thing the characters just flopped(read: moved in a blur) into position and started to play. So I never thought this sort of thing would happen…

Anyway, it’s working now, I did 2 animations now. The ‘evil guy’ character cant be animated, since its a corpse, corpses aren’t supposed to move 😉 so that saves me some time.


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