Today I finished making my 10th animation, so its going steady.

Also I finished the phonetics translator a friend and I made. This is for the people who get the red extraction error in the Phoneme Editor in Faceposer. So after you got the error you should resize the words till they match up with what is said (see my other tutorial)

Then its translation time. You can get the program needed here: *salad*. (Save and extract somewhere, keep the files together!)

Enter the sentance you typed in (when you clicked on re-extract in FP) in the input .txt file, save and close it. Open the program and type in input.txt and for output file output.txt (of course 😉 ) Then wait till conversion is complete (should take a few seconds). And open the output.txt file.

Example: input.txt: “oh hey, i’m translating, look at me!” gives:

                  output.txt: |ao|h|    |h|eh|y|<,>|    |ih|<‘>|m|    |t|r|aa|n|s|l|aa|t|ih|nx|g|<,>|     |l|ao|c|    |aa|t|    |m|eh|<!>

Now in faceposer, right click on one of the words, in my case ‘oh’, click on Add phoneme to WORD. Now I’ll enter the following: “ao h” (AND NOT |ao|h|!!!!!!) in the code box and click ok. Now the phonetics are added. Repeat this process (so for “i’m” im typing “ih m”) for all the words. Now press spacebar (or click play) and the character in the 3D output is saying your text!!!


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