Console commands

As some of you know the source engine has a developer console in which we can do some nice stuff. But console commands for machinima? Some YouTube video’s try to cover a part of it. But I’m going to explain 80%(or more?!) of them.

First of all if you want to get the developer screen, in a game that runs with Source Engine, press `. If that doesn’t work, go to options, keyboard, advanced, and check ‘Enable developer console’.

This will be a list of console commands with some explanation.

  • ai_disable   Disables the Artificial Intelligence of the NPC’s
  • ai_enable    The opposite of above
  • notarget      NPC’s won’t see you, use this again to disable it.
  • npc_select  Used to select NPC’s (you need to point at them).
  • npc_go_do_run 0/1  This command with value 0 or 1 specifies, when issued the go command, if the selected NPC’s will run(1) or walk(0)
  • npc_go    All selected NPC’s will try to move to where you are pointing
  • r_cleardecals   removes all decals on the world (blood/bullet holes etc.)
  • r_drawviewmodel 0/1     Specifies if your weapon is visible(1) or not (0)
  • physgun_drawbeams 0/1   This is a command special for Garry’s Mod, set to 0 to make the physgun beams invisible.
  • ent_setname <NAME>     Give a name to the item/NPC you are pointing at
  • ent_fire <NAME> <parameters> Let the thing do something, available options will show up in the auto completion screen.
  • ent_remove    This will remove the thing you are pointing at.
  • <NAME> can be !picker so you don’t have to specify a name for the thing you are pointing at.
  • find NAME    Gives a list of commands with the word NAME in it.

Of course there are a lot more console commands, used by the more experienced machinimators, for a quick look of what they are using I suggest you try this page.


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