Here we go again! Part 2 released!

Ok part 2 is up and running on YouTube! Unfortunately the encoder messed up the audio again + YouTube’s own encoding software made it even worse. So as usual subtitles have been added apart from the hard subbed (baked into the movie) ones.

Also the encoder (mine and You Tube’s) cut off a small section of the upper and lower part of the video, there’s no way I can fix that. Some of the credit’s have disappeared due to this, I fixed that as good as possible by placing the missing parts in textbaloons.

The development of this machinima has practically come to an end but the site won’t be shut down! Other projects (including more machinima 😀 ) will be posted here, as a new home for SciFi Heiloo, our (old) forum hasn’t been used or visited in months.

EDIT: In the following post I fixed a few of the bugs in the YouTube version.

Random bits tutorial:

The Q model used in the machinima wasnt originally an NPC, it was a ragdoll model. I copied its model files, looked up one of the NPC’s from *this* package installed.

It’s quite easy, in the package (once installed) in the folder\lua\autorun you open the lua file with notepad.

You copy the ragdoll’s model file to the \models\startrek folder in the package.

Then in the lua file, change one of the NPC’s code:

local NPC = {     Name = “TNGF01”,
Class = “npc_citizen”,
Model = “models/startrek/fstDS9_01.mdl”, //change this to the ragdoll’s mdl file!
Health = “100”,
KeyValues = { citizentype = 4 }, /* this part applies to citizens, these are the keyvalues of the citizen to let
the AI know what type of character it is. (1 = citizen; 2 = DownTrodden; 3 = Rebel; 4 = Medic)*/
Category = Category    }

list.Set( “NPC”, “npc_TNG01”, NPC )

Now save the lua file. Open Gmod and spawn NPC TNGF01. Now it has the ragdoll’s model!

NOTE: This won’t always work! For optimal results you need to create your own model (which is not described in this machinima project, maybe in upcoming)


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