Machinima conclusion

Making a machinima is much harder than it seems. I spent a total of 200 hours (= little more than 8 days if you work 24/7 without pause) working on it.  And that doesn’t include research in the summer vacation and tests! I’m very pleased with the result (despite the audio being messed up by the encoder) and I’m sure I’ll make more. The biggest problem was the deadline, making something as nice and as good as possible in a short amount of time is just not possible. If there wasn’t a deadline it would have become much better. Take Ross Scot (Civil Protection) for example, he spent more than a year working on something that is only 10 minutes! The quality difference is absolutely there.

Of course, since I’m a beginner, there’s always room for improvement, such as better video quality, the video shows a great deal of lag in certain shots (because the map is so big the GPU can’t handle it) Also the characters can be made more ‘alive’ (more humane movements instead of upper body movements only) but I couldn’t do that in this time frame.

This is the last post made about The Q-Bet, all newer posts will have other subjects which are not part of the PWS (if you don’t know what that means don’t bother 😉 )

And last but not least a little tutorial about writing a story (this will be the first tutorial on the tutorial page):

There are ideas enough which can be used, the question you need to ask yourself is, is this feasible? Many ideas can’t be done due to lack of resources. Once you think your idea is realizable the next step comes into view, the character design. In my place this ment looking for models which suit the character in your idea. Once that is done the actual writing begins. Every story has an introduction, middle part and ending. Most machinima’s have this as well. Characters and basic environment need to be introduced in the introduction (of course) then the main part goes into the middle part and the ending must be closed (so the viewer isn’t sitting and thinking WTF… why did they stop in the middle of something? etc.) I tried to avoid it in part 2 but still the ending goes very quick. Try to avoid having the ending shorter than 7 scenes. Ok, once your writing is done you need to find voice actors which suit your character. I know mine has got voices which don’t really fit but under the circumstances I’m quite happy I found them so quickly. After your done writing its lip synchronizing, animating, filming, editing and publishing. I hope that the tutorial’s I made, the software I wrote and the links I gave provide you with enough information to make your own machinima!


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