For the upcoming machinima I’m making a map since other maps don’t have the things I want (and decompiling them is just rude) But I’m doing it a little different then normally.

First I create the map in ÜberRadiant, a level editor for the game Star Trek Elite Force 2. I’m more experienced with this than Hammer (the map editor for Source engine games)

Then I open the .map with an old program called Worldcraft 3.33 (this is a prequel of what we now know as Hammer) There I save it as an .mf file.

And last I open the .mf file with Hammer and save it as a .vmf (the extension that is common for Hammer files) Now the level is converted, apart from a few things:

  • Entities aren’t converted properly, since Radiant uses a different way of setting attributes they mess up in Hammer. So adding entities will be done in Hammer only.
  • Textures are gone. Since Half Life isn’t Elite Force 2 it can’t use the right textures. Of course this is what I expected but my main plan was to get all the geometry in Hammer and then to texture everything.

I’m busy now with all the mapping in ÜberRadiant. I have to convert the idea in my head (HL2) to something that is possible with radiant. A small problem is that Hammer increases all the brushes in size so the house gets huge (which it shouldnt of course) so I have to fix that too.

For now it looks good:

Note: Textures will be added in Hammer so I choose simple ones here.


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