At the moment level editing is going steady, soon the level is ready for export to gmod 😀

Right now I’m looking into adding GLADoS into a room of the house, since she is a potato most of the time there isn’t much fun to be made of her (potato jokes get annoying after a while….)

If the real GLADoS could be in a room things could get much more interesting >) But theres a big problem. Gmod can’t load stuff from portal 2. So unless I find a way to get her into Gmod (while still being able to animate it…) it wont be possible. The only thing that I have atm is the potato and the head model (the second one will not be in the first story) The rest of GLADoS body will have to wait till somebody ports it to Gmod.

Other then that I’m working on a new story, called Black Moon. It is a much more darker show then the comical series I’ve made so far (think of horror, kanibalism, esper powers, sanity etc.) It is based on lots of anime (Steins;Gate/Chaos;Head/Soul Eater/Death Note/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun) and will be much longer then The Q-Bet and Starbase United. Also this story will be put into production once the first Starbase United is done.

Voice acting for SBU(short for Starbase United) will begin soon and then the animating can start.


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