It’s been a while since I made an update, here’s what I’m working on.

It is goodbye PCC (my previous school) and hello HvA! (translates as university of Amsterdam) I study Game Development there 😀

Unfortunately the time I had besides making homework (studying as it should be called now) I spend playing games and watching anime…

But, since the ‘machinima’ part of my brain has been screaming for attention I decided to do a few things….
Does anybody know Peer Review? It’s the new DLC for Portal 2, I extracted all of the available sounds for GLADoS (their hilarious as usual) when I noticed that a lot
of them were missing…. I mean the ones used in the ending scenes:

Those lines did not show up in the package….
So what did I do to get them? I ran the file with RAD Video Tools (their video encoding stuff is used by Valve) and found out that there were 3 different audio tracks playing….
Using the batch console I did:

BinkConv dlc1_endmovie.bik dlc1_endmovie1.wav  /v /n1
BinkConv dlc1_endmovie.bik dlc1_endmovie2.wav  /v /n2
BinkConv dlc1_endmovie.bik dlc1_endmovie3.wav  /v /n3

And I had 3 different audio tracks, number 1 was the one that had all the voice’s 😀
So I fired up audacity and after some cutting I ended up with 37 new voice sounds, some of them do have a little bot/bird noise in them though…
But its better than nothing!

Here’s one of the things I came up with: Link!

Most of the projects I’m working on have come to a halt, from time to time I add a small part to the story for Black Moon but other than that its pretty silent…
But I decided to pick things up again, and do something else than game and watch anime 😛

I started working on a new song for the LA game group, and I’m gonna try to work a little on those trailers…. From what I’ve learned from school (lesson about camera angles for some reason lol)
I have to redo most of the stuff I already have, with the knowledge I have now I see why it looks bad 😛

I think we’ve proven at this point  that if you scream at a marshmallow,  all you get is a sacred marshmallow –GLADoS


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