Combining the dragon words used in the shouts of skyrim, but without the pre-defined 3 word ones. This is what I’m working on ATM.

So in other words you take the dragon shouts apart, giving you around 70 words. Each word gets a specific power and you as player can mix them yourself!

Only problem that all of the combinations (if I’m correct its 70*69*68 = 328.440) ALL have to be hard-coded…. This is why games like Magica only have 6 elements…

So a lot of IF statements….. and a lot of variables… but it’s fun to do… Another problem is that it is (again..) console based since I have NO idea about a good GUI…. And how that works in c++ I can only guess…
Maybe when I get a normal idea on paper/paint 😉 I can port it to action script and use Flixel, which is a library we use to learn how to make games at university.

I already wrote down all of the words, and gave them some effects I want them to have, here are a few examples:

  • Animal :  call an animal to help! (fire sand animal=salamander?)
  • Fade :  make yourself invisible (fire water fade = become invisible while in cloud of smoke)
  • Spirit : Summon undead?!
  • Whirlwind : Tornadowhoooooooo! 😛

I’m not gona name them all of course 😉 Try to think up combinations if you like and send them to me… Might decrease the 328.440 number by a few XD All available words are in the code block below

It’s going slow with the trailer, I’ve been re doing a scene of around 4 seconds for over 3 times now and I’m still fiddling with it…. But once I get that right I’d have to work on big action scenes… Which are taking more time since I have never done them before… And what I got from experimenting it might even take a couple of months more than I expected… Since my idea was to release it before new years eve!

Anyway, here are the words:

Force Balance Push

Ice Flesh Statue

Storm Wrath Lightning

Fire Inferno Sun

Time Sand Eternity

Whirlwind Fury Tempest

Animal Allegiance Pack

Air Battle Grace

Fade Spirit Bind

Frost Cold Freeze

Voice Fool Far

Weapon Hand Defeat

Sky Spring Summer

Hero Champion Legend

Mortal Finite Temporary

Kill Leech Suffer

Life Seek Hunt

Snow Hunter Wing

Kyne(?) Peace Trust

Fear Run Terror

Flesh Time Undo

Meteor Rain Destroy (this one doesn’t exist, it is used by Alduin to summon meteor’s but isn’t heard, therefore I made up a few words)

Mirror Deceive Phantom

Wind Strong Gale

Good day!


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