Dhovakiin the game!

As you can see I gave my game project a title! I managed to get the C++ console version (which had some of the essential code) converted into flixel and AS3. I used some code we created for university project to get the basic game up and running.

A lot of code that I’ve used is not really needed…. But I wanted to get my shout system up and running first!

To limit the (70*69*68 =328440) choices you get I decided you get 7 base words (bit like Magica) so now you have (7*64*63 = 28224) choices… I need to narrow it down some more but yea…. 😉
Based on those 7 key words the shout image changes, for those images I used Photoshop for the first time in my life…. Normally I use Premiere, get an image and add some layers, export a frame of it and voillá… Now I wish I had done Photoshop sooner… It was much easier once I got the hang of it (of course I’m no pro but I quickly figured out the tool I needed) I intend to get a playable version up my sub-domain in which you can see the progress since I’ll update it regularly.

The trailer has erm… one scene more then before… and I’m not happy with it so I gotta redo it…


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