More shouting, and Magicka

After playing Magicka for a while (great game, on sale for 10€ including all DLC) I decided that it would be best for the project and my health 😉 To make the  shout system variable based. Rather then hard coding everything it should modify variables such as fire, ice etc. And when it fires (actually shouts) the system can calculate how much damage or similar is done.

About Magicka: It’s a game which lets you combine 7 elements to blast away opponents, and to solve mini puzzles, some elements nullify each-other and others combine into a new one (water + fire = steam) This system is from what I can see variable based (and also because there are only 4 programmers in the dev. team)

Still this combo of skyrim and magicka can be quite nice, the variety of skyrim and the combining system of magicka.

Also there is a Kinect on its way here 😀 Might take couple of weeks, even a month! But once its here I can use it for motion capture! 😀 Tutorial’s once I figured that out will be made of course 😉

So to sum it up: Working on this new shout system, and writing down lots of new ideas for machinima, gaming, and watching anime!


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