I feel awesome!

I’ve gotten the basic BHV (skeletal movement format) data in XSI! All that’s left is learning how to animate properly (in order to edit the rough animation) And then how to get it in the game using QC files, basically you export a unique model with animation data in it, and via the QC file the source engine knows that when you load the base model (the NPC models in-game) it can use the animations passed on via the QC file! This works for almost all bipeds in HL2, so a citizen can have Breen animations and the other way around! Or at least this is what I understood from a couple of tutorials I skimmed trough. I think I’ll skip the animation part for now and focus on recompiling and getting the animation I have in Gmod, then when I have learned how to animate I can work on the example video which is a show-off of what is possible!



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