Perpetual Testing in a box!

Portal 2’s Perpetual Testing Initiative is out, and it’s quite fun! But enough of that, on to another update!

One of the city’s we’re going to film in with the Minecraft Walibi Machinima is as good as done so I’m preparing dialog for all the actors. I use a combination from the original comics (here) and the printed version of it. Strangely enough it is made in Asia, and has to be translated to French/English and then to Dutch… At least that is what I can tell from all the weird sentences. Don’t they read the stuff they put in?! Anyway, the Walibi skin is as good as done:

And we are working on all the others -.- The Blender model is giving me issues so it won’t move just yet. I might have to rig it manually. I was thinking about a blocky fist so I don’t have to create and animate fingers.
The Black Moon series is put on hold. Lots of dialogue is done but with the upcoming release of Garrys Mod 13 a lot of, well, everything is going to break/change. Plus I have to finish the Kinect to Half Life 2 tutorial, and the last part about QC files is bugging me. I hope I can put it up by the end of the week. Again, I filmed from the wrong angle so the character seems to walk into the floor ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
There are now loads of projects in the fridge. But with the summer vacation slowly coming closer that fridge has to work harder and harder to keep them on ice. And eventually it will melt ๐Ÿ˜€ In other words I might actually finish a small project rather than moving on to the next brilliant (:P) idea. On the train I’ve been writing dialog about HatFilms called Legendary Hatters. It’s more that I like to write something than that I plan on making it into a machinima. The story is that, together with a few other key minecraft community people, they get superpowers, and embark on a journey to saaave the woooorld xD Combine Legend of Hobo, Hatfilms’ Origins, Fairy Tail and Yogscast so to speak. Here’s a small excerpt:

Lewis: Friends of us are beating the crap out of each-other outside, and I for one like to get home in one piece!
Ross: The apple!
Trott: What? What about it?
Ross: It awakened our powers!
Trott: And loosened a few screws in your head…


Ross: Yes you do. So I have control over earth, you control water, then what does Smiffy have?
Lewis: Earth, water, fire, air and life are the elements.
Trott: Fire *ohh shit face*
Ross: Oh god…
*They run outside, most of the forest is burned down, a small lava pool somehow appeared out of nowhere, and in the middle of a pit Smiffy and Simon are facing each-other*
Trott: Well he has fire all right…
Lewis: That or Simon is having a bad bowel movement again…

At school we are making a touchscreen for the elderly, its one of the most difficult projects of all the projects of this semester. But the team is great to work with, and we have quite some fun together, one time we bought a 3.3 meter long pipe near school. Only to realize later on that we had to get it into a train in order to take it home…. These “Had to think that one trough” moments make it really… interesting ๐Ÿ˜›


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