To the fridge, and beyond!

The first to chapters of the original Walibi comic ( have been edited so much cleaner dialogue instead of the weird translations. This first part has been distributed to the voice actors for discussion and testing. If it weren’t for school bugging me (for one increased activity on this is because I have to present this blog somehow as a portfolio!) I would have finished building Monotowny.

Today I also worked on the Kinect tutorial for a while. And its almost done! Problem is I have to go trough a couple of other tutorials, because the one I made did not exactly focus on getting the animations to work. More like, decompile character, edit character, put it back ingame. The tiny “apply kinect MOCAP to it and put back into the game”  part seems to be missing. 😛 You can see the QC file I use in the last part, made by Noesis Interactive, here:

Now on to the procrastination part:

Video Game High School Episode 2


SazzyAgain’s VC Eurovision Sweepstake 2010

Drama in Belgium

Ok enough of that, spend your time productively you lazy…. (No idea if I’m talking to myself our you ;))

So, tomorrow… Writing an argument/plea about the change that people now can become famous even without talent (for school). Gaining money (aka work). Staring at package log (I ordered The Hobbit). Making math homework.

A subject we have at school atm. Is Simulation Technology. Its s summary for 2D vector math. And its difficult. The theory part anyway, programming exercises are quite fun (although challenging)

My results of the practical exercises are:  Here and Here  (click on the picture and then on Download on the right) 😀 Math, hell yea! 😛


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