The mines inside a pancake.

Oh this is going to be interpreted soooo wrong 😛
Some of you might know that I play Lord of the Rings Online, a lot. And, with so many projects, an idea popped up so I wrote it down:

Oolas <my character, born in Lindon, has lived in Bree for most of his life. He is an elf ‘with a sense of humor’
He ventures out, running errands, seeking knowledge and helping people (with not much success)

Ok, two screenshots of the same tower mess. In an edit I pasted a few extra. The story should not interfere with the fellowship so expect a lot of messing around in Ered Luin, the Shire and Bree. With all the emotes (emotional animations) being able to sit under a keybind its a matter of keybinding, finding a spot. And someone to help maybe. And then start pressing the keys in correct order 😛 This kind of series can be released more quickly since I’m stuck with the level/animations.
Monotowny (walibi machinima) is (still) almost done. Haven’t had much time *cough* LOTRO *cough* 😉


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