I made a few maps for Star Trek Elite Force 2 a looooong time ago. But most of them were never released, or only to a small group of people. So I’ve decided that by the end of next week I should go and pack all my maps I deem publishable. And of course upload them 😉

A small list:

  • Glasswars (my very first map, small but very funny)
  • Glassmaze (I talked about this map for a while, try sorting on February 2011)
  • Lightning
  • Maze (a hedge maze with a sniper tower, somewhat functioning AI, I’m quite proud of it)
  • Mshot (already up for download here:
  • Skybox
  • testmap1
  • testwater
  • Warehouse (won’t upload this since this was mainly me messing around with the lightning in someone else’s map)

In a few days expect screenshots and, since I have an exam week upcoming (vector math FTW *sighs*) the downloads will come after that.

Edit: Screenshots! 😀 I was horrible with textrues now that I look back haha!


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