Ladys and Gentlemen!

Men, Hobbits, Dwarves and Elves of Middle Earth, thank you for tuning your view crystals to this channel. We are here to bring you the latest news from throughout Eriador and beyond! My name is <Bleep>ed out cause I don’t know if the white council (read: Turbine 😉 ) likes what I am doing. Now, to the news!

This is one of the intro’s I came up with for Oolas of Lindon (as you might have guessed that is his name 😛 ) The news articles themselves are a bit more challenging to make, since I don’t want to ‘report’ quests, but since Eriador is big enough I’m sure I can stick to Tolkien’s lore. Ok view crystals are a bit weird, and yes its a TV kind of thing, but otherwise it wouldn’t be for Middle Earth now would it? 😛

A few articles have been written, and will be from our reporter X (read: another character of mine 😉 ) while Oolas is the host of the show. More details soon! In the mean time, if you want to help by playing reporter, or write a story, feel free to comment! I’m on Vilya.


Legal thingy: This is just a fan series in production, no copyright infringement intended. This work will be non-commercial, and maybe a small community event within the Vilya server.


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