A long long time ago

There was an upadate.

Its been a while, school has been busy!

In this post I’ll talk about what I did for school and a few project updates, progress has been made :D.

The project entertainment game (see previous post) has been completed, and you can see some of the screenshots at the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TwistedMindsGame
Actual gameplay you ask? Why not play it yourself! Its up on Dropbox <LINK> Just run the exe and you’re set!

One of the courses we had was 3D modeling, in order to learn/appreciate 😉 (for us programmers) the design side of games.
We had three exercises, make a house, a rough terrain vehicle, and a face (based on your own)
Results….well its not exactly perfect, but for someone who rarely models…

Another course we had was called Algorithms and Datastructures in Games, where we were introduced to things like A* and Dijkstra’s algorithm. Me and the partner I had to do the practicum with actually managed to confuse the teacher. Our A* algorithm behaved like it should, but in a few levels it went a little bit differently then what was supposed to be. The code was fine, what could it be? Our program then got discussed with the entire course team, but no answer was found! Magic! 😀
For those interested in the code and the document we created, here is a link to the NetBeans project: <LINK>

Currently at school we are busy with C++ (a course), AI (another course) and C++ in Android (a project) for which details can’t be revealed just yet.

And now, the projects….

  • The intro for Starbase United has been written, but the actual production will take A)More time then we have available and B)Money…
    We are considering making a trailer and putting it up for Kickstarter.
  • MAV Warfare, (the game me and http://kjeld21.wordpress.com/ are working on from time to time)
    We have basic multiplayer and a simple gamemode ready, and are currently working on the TDM gamemode.
  • The Klingon translator has got a few letters added to its vocabulary.
  • Oolas machinima,
    We ran into some trouble, but with LOTRO becoming 6 years old the things holding us back seem to have disappeared. Filming will begin in the May holliday!
  • The next tutorial is, like many other projects, put on the backburner due to school (note that I started writing it 170 days ago -.- ).
  • Some secret is going on in the background, I don’t quite get it but the other project members are quite excited, its got something to do about the Oculus Rift headset…. Me want! 😀

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