Fixing LA, take 2 after 5 weeks of site going AWOL

What a weird thing, for over 5 weeks this blog was unreachable! I had no idea why, and cause the WordPress support forum said something about sites being unreachable due to ISP’s blocking the wrong server, I thought it was related to that!

After inquiring at my ISP about it (they said nope) I started digging around in this site, the admin page was still reachable! I started opening pages one by one to see if it was related to one of them. And it was!

The page explaining how I removed malicious code from a site didn’t load for some reason, even after editing. WordPress probably tagged it thinking that it was harmful to others, the thing is that they don’t show that! *sigh*

As an image, here is the post that did it all:

thepostthatdiditTo be safe you have to type out the links if you want to, to prevent the blog from going unreachable again.

And a small update while I’m at it…

Next week my 3rd year (of 4) at the University of Applied Sciences starts, with half a year of internship xDI’m going to be an intern at EngageIT, a company that applies gamification to contact center’s (you know, the people who answer your support calls/mails)
Gamification is the mixing of games to something more daily, like for example taking out the trash, children might go and take it out but avoid certain pavement stones, in essence to make the job more fun! There are countless examples of children game-ifying things that are normal to us, and applying that knowledge to us adults shows a great increase in productivity! Go and look at it has many more examples!
I’m really excited to start, an interesting topic in an actual business environment! 😀

During my holiday I spent some time working on MAV warfare, adding abilities and so on.

mav1I added bullets and a basic grappling hook, and I started a little bit on another gamemode, Capture the Flag rather than FFAKOTH (free for all king of the hill)
Also I added a small radar system, after furiously looking up how to convert 3D coördinates onto a 2D plane 😛


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