With my internship ‘finished’ and school kicking off again, it is time I come crawling out from under a rock 😉

School things:
Project Stella Incognita, extend an game-engine (Irrlicht) with 4 teams of 4 people, and per team make a game with that extended engine featuring your extension. Sounds complicated, and it probably will be! 16 People working together in one GIT repo with almost no experience in C++ and GIT, yay!

Advanced Physics, as the name says, its a continuation of the ‘basic’ 3D math courses we had, with more focus on the physics side of things. For assignments we have to do things with the cyclone physics engine, which was a royal pain to set up…
One of the lessons was about shaders, how they work and the cool things you can do with them. Check out for example! :O

Persistent Storage, SQL and databases, database table relationships and how to set them up. Quite tricky assignments, a lot more complicated for someone who only made simple SQL querys. Especially involving subquerys and recursion!

Only 2 courses, and 1 project, lots of free time? Nope. It might sound like I’m blowing it out of proportions but they give you enough work to think about 😉


MAV Warfrare has had very little attention, small features introducing new bugs (for example chat is no longer working) and not enough time are the main causes for this.

Time was spent however into M-Sat!
About 2 years ago me and Kjeld were messing around in Minecraft, and made a mod, it was just a few items and a block which had an GUI. Nothing functional apart from that.
About 4 months ago I thought, why not try and port it over to 1.6.4. We got back together to fix some of the errors, and figuring out how things worked in the new version.
One thing led to another, a design document was made, and in our free time we were messing around, trying to implement our features. And here we are, M-Sat!

It stands for Multipurpose Satellites, or Minecraft Satellites if you want. We’re not disclosing a lot, but here are a few screenshots, showing from where we started to what it is currently:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Custom entities, models, GUI’s, networking (SMP works! 😀 ) Multiblock strucutres and the list goes on! More info soon ™


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