After disappearing faster than a monkey can peel a banana, I’m back with another update on things.
Note that if you are new to this place, this is where I update about projects I do and other school related things, so you might not always get every reference I make to projects and people, I tend to disappear for a long time and then things have changed so much I have to update a lot of the pages, I’m working on it!

MAV Warfare has been ‘cancelled’, or more accurate, cannibalized together with some other projects for a new game. The main reason for this is that in the beginning me and Kjeld just started to work on it without a clear idea on how to structure it, and in the end the code got so interconnected that one thing broke another and it practically required us to start from scratch to get it working again. But who knows, maybe we’ll start it up again after a while, since I still like the idea. And it’s not like we haven’t learned from this, we have learned a lot about multiplayer, how variables are synced, gamemodes, scoreboards, radar etc.

M-Sat: Just after we made the post about us working on it, a very busy time at school started so it quickly became very quiet around it. School ‘draining the intent to program’ so to speak. The problem is now that a lot of the more ‘common’ mods have moved to newer versions of Minecraft, while we are still on 1.6.4. The idea is that we patch it up once we have some time, so its playable on that version, and put it online to see what the reactions to our idea are. If positive we will continue to work on it, for that version only though, porting will take too much time. All three of us still like the idea, and in fact we have expanded it beyond the original scope, just to look around in the code to see what we could do. Even if the feedback is negative and we won’t continue to work on it, it was a lot (and I mean a lot!) of fun, getting  the weirdest bugs and trying to come up with ideas for multi-block structures.

MAV Warfare and several school projects led to the creation of MAR (I’m beginning to think that I have something with M’s and project names…), we structured it, and for the past few months we have made a lot of progress! We have a roadmap and documents detailing what goes into the game. The thing we lack though is time, so progress is being made, just slowly. I’m updating the page for it soon! It is a lot of fun since we have to think of things that we haven’t thought of before, servers, sending character data to clients, balancing server CPU vs. networking load, cheating and a few other things.





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