Music update

Ok its a quick update about a (for me) sensitive subject, music.

I know that for music I’d have to contact the makers and ask for their permission, but that would cost me A) Alot of time B) Money

And those 2 are exactly the kind of things I dont want. So I’m going to use music and give credits at the end. I know some people won’t like this idea but, hey… I have to use SOMETHING….

Possible music usage:

  • Immediate music (Specificly Themes for Orchestra and Choir album 1 and 2)(Intro song: Electric Romeo)
  • Angel Beats! OST
  • Zettai Karen Children OST 1
  • Eve no Jikan OST (Credits song: Code Life)

As you might notice alot of anime titles show up, I likes anime! XD

All music titles are possibilitys! No guarantee that they will be used!