More Walibi Machinima!

The current project (that is taking up most of my time apart from school/work/Real Life) is a Minecraft Machinima based on the characters of Walibi World. A theme park which underwent a major overhaul with a new theme and characters. I found that when I was sniffing trough their vid’s that they like to bring the music (major theme in the park, 2 teams: WAB and the SkunX, two styles) outside the park. And of course a LED bulb went on above me 😉 So now I and 4 other people are slowly creating the base version of Monotowny, which is the city that the major part of those two teams live in. As the name suggests everything is monotonous. The idea the park gave was that based on your species (dog, cat, bird, kangaroo etc.) your life is fixed from birth. All the dogs become police officers, all the birds sing etc. etc. Not these people… They want to do as children should do,  do what they want, in their case making music! Of course people in that town are not very happy about it and try to get them to stop. Then they get a map to Shimmeria. A mythical town where you are free to do whatever you want!  In the slideshow you see a bit of progress we made. Half of Monotowny is now done and Shimmeria is still on the drawing table.

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Also I started with Blender, XSI is a great program with Motion Capture (yes I know the tutorial, it will finish minus the animation part…) but for this project I intend to re-create their (Walibi World’s) models as training, and then use them in a couple of scenes! Greenscreening, custom texture pack, custom skinning, custom mods… 😀 I’m starting to enjoy this idea more and more!



At the moment level editing is going steady, soon the level is ready for export to gmod 😀

Right now I’m looking into adding GLADoS into a room of the house, since she is a potato most of the time there isn’t much fun to be made of her (potato jokes get annoying after a while….)

If the real GLADoS could be in a room things could get much more interesting >) But theres a big problem. Gmod can’t load stuff from portal 2. So unless I find a way to get her into Gmod (while still being able to animate it…) it wont be possible. The only thing that I have atm is the potato and the head model (the second one will not be in the first story) The rest of GLADoS body will have to wait till somebody ports it to Gmod.

Other then that I’m working on a new story, called Black Moon. It is a much more darker show then the comical series I’ve made so far (think of horror, kanibalism, esper powers, sanity etc.) It is based on lots of anime (Steins;Gate/Chaos;Head/Soul Eater/Death Note/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun) and will be much longer then The Q-Bet and Starbase United. Also this story will be put into production once the first Starbase United is done.

Voice acting for SBU(short for Starbase United) will begin soon and then the animating can start.

Animation…. logical

Animation is (as I found out the hard way)  full of logic.

For example, I spent 1 hour trying to get an animation right of G-man getting up from a ‘sit on the ground’ position. The animation file was that it sat in sit position and then it would get up while saying something. And it just didn’t work… So I spent 15 minutes thinking about WTH I was doing wrong. And then it struck me, what if the NPC needs to sit down first to get up? (logical, isn’t it?) And yes… it worked!! With a few animation tests I did before I started to animate the real thing the characters just flopped(read: moved in a blur) into position and started to play. So I never thought this sort of thing would happen…

Anyway, it’s working now, I did 2 animations now. The ‘evil guy’ character cant be animated, since its a corpse, corpses aren’t supposed to move 😉 so that saves me some time.