Black Moon Machinima Comic

With this idea we wanted to go for a comic, rather then movie, just as a test to see how that would look. But the story grew a lot so this takes a bit longer then expected…

The general story is that in a world of Espers (people with low level superpowers, think of Zettai Karen Children) a man is kidnapping and brainwashing these espers to form his own private army. One boy, our protagonist, gets kidnapped as well. But is rescued just in time before the brainwashing is completed. Now it is the rebels against brainwashed people.

This story is much darker than others I’ve worked on, little to no humor. Horror if you want it. Think cannibalism, survival of the fittest, psychological warfare, and the list goes on.

The story is still in writing. Beginning and end of the story have been written, only the middle part has to be expanded.


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