MAV Warfare

A game I was making it together with

MAV Warfare has been ‘cancelled’, or more accurate, cannibalized together with some other projects for a new game. The main reason for this is that in the beginning me and Kjeld just started to work on it without a clear idea on how to structure it, and in the end the code got so interconnected that one thing broke another and it practically required us to start from scratch to get it working again. But who knows, maybe we’ll start it up again after a while, since I still like the idea. And it’s not like we haven’t learned from this, we have learned a lot about multiplayer, how variables are synced, gamemodes, scoreboards, radar etc.

The basic idea of the game focuses around MAV’s, hence the name ;), each team has a spawn base in which the MAV can be modified with several utilities and weapons. It isn’t pure fighting, there are missions in which teams have roles etc. And our list of features goes on, but that’s the gist of it.

For now only this screenshot of our early early early alpha (Yes it doesn’t look very pretty, we were focussing on the mechanics rather than visuals):


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