School: OutfIT (and spinoff test)

OutfIT 4 You, a game made for a school project, made in 2012 for the University of applied sciences in Amsterdam with 5 other people. The idea was to get people interested in the clothing concept OutfIT 4 You. Every IT branch had to make certain things. We had to make a small flash game.

Download here:
I know, level 2 is bugging up, but the fix is randomly not working.

A spinoff is Dhovakiin the game. A small test you might have heard me talking about in the blog. The idea was that I removed the limitations of Skyrim’s shout system, you could create your own kind of shout. I now know that I have to do this stat based. Certain words increase/decrease ‘potency’ while others change or initiate an effect. This still left me with thousands of combinations. Therefore the test has been abandoned. Less words was no option, I wanted the Skyrim system. Not a degraded version of that.


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