School: Project Entertainment Game

Every Game Design/Technology student had to present an idea, out of them a couple were selected, and these ideas had to be presented again in random pairs. The ideas that made it this far were chosen for the project.

Everyone could apply for a position in the team, that was going to make the game idea a reality.

I joined Twisted-Minds, a game about Edgar Allen Poe and Escher.
The player has to navigate an Esher like map, and solve puzzles, without going insane. The story “A Tell Tale Heart” by E.A. Poe is the red wire in the game, but a story has been made around it by us.
The game features cut-scenes voiced by us. I voice Dr. Scott 😀

The project was done in Unity3D, and was made in half a year with 6 people.

I worked on the inventory system, puzzles, pickups and audio.

The game can be played here:

So, now what


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