Starbase United Machinima

A spin off of The Q-Bet machinima. Shorter and funnier, and much higher quality then The Q-Bet 😉

It are small standalone episodes. The episode currently in production is: Potato meee!

You can read the producer version (aka lots of notes to self :P) here:

Setting: Kitchen; map: ?something with a kitchen….

[You see XX and XX in a hallway]

XX: I wonder what we have for dinner.

XX: I hope it wasn’t something like last time, we all had to go to sickbay….

XX: Hey! I cooked that day!

XX: Well I hope you learned that you shouldn’t use hydrochloric acid in a meal!

XX: I thought it was vinegar!

{XX screams (surprised) from inside the kitchen}

XX: What the hell?!

[XX and XXrun to the kitchen]

{XX points to a potato}

XX: That thing is alive!

XX: Yea, potato’s are alive in a way….

GLADoS: Oh hey! (potatos_sp_a3_00_fall05)

XX:*surprised* But they don’t talk!

XX: What is that?

GLADoS: What the hell is going on?! (potatos_sp_a3_speed_ramp_hearcaroline03)

XX: A talking potato?!

XX: Isn’t that GLADoS from Portal 2?

XX: Yes! (gladosbattle_xfer10)

XX: How did you get that thing?

[In background: I’m a potato! (potatos_longfall_speech03)]

XX: I thought I heard someone scream “Bird, bird kill it!” but when I looked I only saw that weird thing… (For the quoted part Ill use potatos_see_bird01)

{XX touches GLADoS}

GLADoS: Get your hands of me! (fgbgladostransfer15)

XX: Its getting angry..

XX: Your fat (potatos_meetup06)

XX: *angry* What did you just call me?!

GLADoS: That’s right, a potato just called you fat. (potatofat)

{XX picks up GLADoS}

XX:*evil* Time to fry you so we can finally have dinner!!!

GLADoS: Oh you are kidding me… (gladosbattle_xfer06)

{XXsmashes GLADoS into a pan}

GLADoS: No, no nooooooo (sp_a2_core_drag_to_hell01)

{XXwalks into the kitchen}

XX: Guys, what’s all that noise, it sounded like you were killing somebody!

{Everybody looks angry towards XX}

XX: You just killed the most funny AI (ai) in computer game history!!!

XX: She called me fat….

XX: Am I missing something here?

XX: She just killed GLADoS….

XX: The potato? Oh don’t worry, I replicated lots of them. {He opens a door, lots of GLADoS potatos everywhere saying oh hey}

[Fade out]

[Fade in at outside place, GLADoS talking to ducky]

GLADoS: So, how are you holding up? (potatos_sp_a3_00_fall03) Wait, your not hungry are you? (potatos_meetup10)

Duck: quack! (ducky)

Characters made and voiced by people from the gameclan Liberation Armada.


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