The Q-Bet

The first project was of course The Q-Bet, most of the blog was about this. This was the first machinima I made, you can view the (horrible :P ) result at the YouTube page above. It was really nice to finally make one, but with a 5 year old PC the quality became below horrible. Something that has been improved greatly…

This was my (highschool) graduation project, I wanted to know how machinima was made, and what better way is there then making one yourself! The result is this blog, and 2 video’s with horrible framerate and voice acting haha! Thats the problem with outdated equipment and voice actors not giving their stuff before the deadline 😉

Still I’m proud of it, not much people can make machinima.

If you want to know more about the creation, go to the beginning of the blog, and read up from there 😉


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