PEG post 2

As expected I messed up the pitch, so my game idea wasn’t chosen. Not that I cared much, I knew I was going to mess it up. I can’t forcibly talk about something in front of people. That was one of the reasons I dropped idea 2 on my list (see previous post) and took number 3. I get really nervous, forget half of what I wanted to say and race trough it like an F1 car….  Now me and someone who got trough paired up and we have to explain his idea a bit further and put it into a business model (what platform we want it to be on and money related things)

We have to pitch this next week and if we get chosen we somehow get to create a team around us with other students. Then its onto actual development :O In the case that we don’t get chosen we get integrated in other people’s teams.

Thats the project planning, every sprint stands for a stage in development:

  • Sprint 1: Proof of Concept, at the end we have to show that we can somehow make the actual product.
  • Sprint 2: Pitchable product, we should have the project done up to a point where it can be pitched to potential publishers
  • Sprint 3: Showable product, the game should be > 80% done up to this point and have all the major features such as game mechanics/assets etc.
  • Sprint 4: Releasable product, the game should be ready to go from closed beta to release.

We learn to do this by getting lectures in the development method SCRUM, from what I read at it should be pretty interesting.

Also I started learning Unity, it is suggested for a couple of courses, and Design3 just happens to be a group with lots of Unity courses 😀 Following tutorials and trying to get my first assignment done with it in under 4 days…. wohooo 😛


PEG post 1

PEG, translated in Dutch is a bad spelling version of pech, meaning bad luck. Lucky for us PEG is an acronym for Project Entertainment Game.

A bit weird name since games tend to be entertaining by themselves, no need to put it in the title again! But who am I to criticize project names 😛

The idea of this project is that tomorrow everyone pitches his/her (ultimate) game idea. I already got a few ideas lying around collecting dust but…. Idea 1: Impossible with current level of technology (in case you have a working holodeck please contact me 😉 ) Idea 2: Kind of want to keep this for myself. But the basic idea is turning Legendary Hatters into a game.
So I’m left with the next thing on my list, idea 3. Which is Dhovakiin!
Thats right, the game I worked on for a few days but dropped due to lack of programming knowledge!

Ill talk about the game in a minute. What happens after the pitch is that the ‘jury’ selects half of all the ideas, pairs two people together, and they are the selection jury for their idea/team! After that the game needs to be developed in half a year, and in 4 development ‘sprints’. Somewhere in between a game publisher comes in the picture. So if its good enough (a sellable game!) it might actually get out in the world!

I just hope for the best with my idea. Here it is:

Take the shout words from Skyrim, combine it with the spell casting system from Magicka, and put it in an adventure platformer.

The level has no pre-defined way to solve, the player has to use his creativity to get to the end.

There are as you can see in the (pre-alpha) screenshots I made (in my previous year) 7 base words, they define the base action of the shout. Other words change the effect, or potency.

As far as I know there is no big story, apart from a very basic idea that a Dhovakiin in 2012 fights for freedom from the evil villains which have taken the workers at Gars Incorporated (no, not Mars! :P) hostage. And for some reason our protagonist likes a Gars every now and then.

So humour and creativity saving the world and giving us back some candy bars 😛